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다시 돌아와 : the Infinite fanworks community

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다시 돌아와 : the Infinite fanworks community

01. This is a fanworks community for INFINITE. All works that will be posted here must be related to the group and/or its members. Bashing on the members of Infinite will not be tolerated.

02. Please read and understand the following before joining and posting. If your post does not follow the rules, you will receive a comment from the moderators with the suggested changes. Please edit your post accordingly; ignoring warnings from the moderators will result to your post being deleted.

03. Place your fics inside an LJ-cut. Don't know how to do one? This will be your best friend.

04. No linking to locked journals or communities. Your fics should be open to all for at least 48 hours. After that, you can lock it if you want.

05. Respect others and they will respect you.

06. Please ask permission from the mod/s before posting an advertisement in the community. Also, state in your post that a mod has already given you permission to post so that the post won't be deleted.

07. Please members-lock your entry if what you're posting has adult content (NC-17/R). If your post is not members-locked, you will receive a reminder to do so. If you choose to ignore repeated warnings, your post will be deleted.

08. Avoid altering the text type, color and size when posting. Your formatting will not always appear the same in all kinds of layouts, so it would be best to keep posts formatted with the default settings. If you change the font (type, color or size) of your post, you will receive a reminder to do so. If you choose to ignore repeated warnings, your post will be deleted.

09. Posting more than once a day is strictly prohibited. You are advised to combine your fics in one post in the event that you will be posting more than one fic. This is to avoid flooding the members' friends pages with updates.

11. Please tag your entries appropriately! An example of the proper tagging format can be seen below:

!fanfic, author: x, pairing: member/member, rating: rating
!fanart, artist: y, pairing: member/member, rating: rating
!fanmix, pairing: member/member
OR member: member name

For crossovers, use the *crossover tag and the corresponding member tag (member: member's name), along with the standard tags stated above.

If you're unfamiliar with fonts, tagging, or lj-cuts, or anything else regarding posting entries, consult the LJ FAQ and use your own journal to test entries.

12. Please do not post fanworks that have pedophilia/elements of pedophilia. Livejournal will terminate the user’s account if its content “clearly meets the legal definition of child pornography”. You may post such content on your own journal/communities, but do not link it here on dashidorawa or any of its sister communities. Submitting an entry that contains pedophilia for any dashidorawa event is also prohibited. If these rules are broken, you will receive a warning and your post will be deleted immediately. You will also be blocked from dashidorawa and its sister communities, and will no longer be allowed to post there.

13. Please warn for potentially triggery elements in your fanworks. If you are doubtful about what constitutes a trigger warning, you can consult this post. However, this list is non-exhaustive; please tag what you think might make other people uncomfortable. You may pm the mods if you are uncertain.

14. Plagiarism and theft will not be tolerated. If you are found to have plagiarised any work, be it published work or fanfiction, you will be permanently banned from dashidorawa and all your past posts will be deleted.

If your work is posted outside Livejournal, it can be a great idea to mention it along with your username/s on other platforms to avoid any suspicion of plagiarism.

Posting Guide | Tag List | Community layout | Profile layout (TEXT CREDIT) | Mods: troqes, thunggyu | Email: comebackmods@gmail.com

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